Design meets power

The latest generation of the VMAX family is dynamic, innovative, and distinctive. We’ve taken the needs of our customers into account in the development of our two new e-scooters, the VX1 and VX2. The result: they are made for shorter distances, from 25 to 40 kilometres, designed to be extra handy, and are unsurpassed in terms of riding pleasure.

Get ahead

The VX1 and VX2 are ideal for the last mile to the office, a meeting, or the fitness centre. For freedom-loving people who want to go their way efficiently and independently. In terms of safety and technology, the VX1 and VX2 are equivalent to the larger models.

Polyurethane for low-maintenance tyres

Our new tyres on the VMAX VX1 with polyurethane foam extend tyre life enormously, because punctures are the commonest cause of breakdowns. The new material extends the service life of the tyres, improving both their quality and reliability.

We constantly challenge ourselves in terms of design, technology, and riding enjoyment. Improved folding mechanisms, brighter lights, and simplified handling all further enhance your riding experience.

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