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The e-scooters of tomorrow

E-scooter VMAX VX1 folded up

VX1 – the e-scooter with style.

The VX1 e-scooter combines the latest technology and newest materials in a refined design.


VMAX VX2 – currently the most powerful e-scooter in its class.

Reduced design and full power – the VX2 e-scooter boasts a powerful 48V / 500-watt motor that masters inclines with ease.

E-Scooter VMAX VX2 folded up
VMAX E-Scooter R25 Ansicht Seite linksE-Scooter VMAX R25 folded up

VMAX R25 Performance – daily service for the road.

With its wide footboard, the VMAX R25 Performance is your robust, loyal, and powerful companion for every trip.


VMAX R40 – fast with long-lasting power.

You’ll get there faster with the VMAX R40! Looks of envy are guaranteed.

VMAX E-Scooter R55 seitliche Ansicht rechtsVMAX e-scooter R55 folded

VMAX R55 – so fast, you hardly see it.

Are you usually in a hurry? Then the VMAX R55, the fastest scooter in the VMAX family, is just what you need.