Time For E-Quality.


Born in Switzerland

In 2015 VMAX was founded in Switzerland by our founder Dany. The first ideas and approaches for the prototypes of the VMAX E-Scooter were developed in the beautiful canton of Aargau.

what we stand for

Quality, precision, design and the highest value - that's what Switzerland is known for. And that's exactly why we want to embody these values ​​with VMAX.


producer & manufacturer

A VMAX e-scooter is not an off-the-shelf product. In our own ISO-certified production facility, our VMAX e-scooters are assembled and the feedback from our customers is taken into account during development.


Because we care about our planet

As a company, we see ourselves as responsible. In addition to CO2-neutral shipping, we also make a contribution with our partner greenspark to make our earth worth living in for people, animals and plants.