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Frequently Asked Questions


No. Insurance is not compulsory in Switzerland.

You should note the following information about insurance:

Liability insurance:

You touch a parked car while driving? When choosing your personal liability insurance, make sure that damage occurring during your ride on your e-scooter is covered.

Theft insurance:

Will your e-scooter be stolen despite the lock being attached? This is where household contents insurance from certain providers can help. Also make sure that this case is covered by your insurance .

Traffic legal protection:

Didn't you follow the rules of public transport or did you? Such a case can quickly end in a lawsuit. Traffic legal expenses insurance helps you with legal disputes .

E-scooters may be driven from a minimum age of 14 with a category M driver's license. Driving an e-scooter without a driver’s license is only possible from the age of 16.

Wearing a helmet is not legally binding . Nevertheless, we recommend that you wear a helmet for your safety when driving.

One person is allowed per e-scooter. This also applies if two people would not exceed the maximum load.

A driver's license is not required from the age of 16. For 14 and 15 year olds, a category M driving license is required.

An e-scooter is allowed to drive at a maximum of 20 km/h on German roads. A tolerance of +10% is tolerated.

no . Driving an e-scooter is generally only permitted and mandatory on bicycle traffic areas such as cycle paths, cycle lanes or cycle lanes. Accordingly, driving an e-scooter on sidewalks and in pedestrian zones is not permitted .

The lane may only be used if the above-mentioned bicycle traffic areas are not available . This also applies outside of town if the routes mentioned are missing. There you have to switch to the hard shoulder .

You can also enter a one-way street against the direction of travel if it is signposted with "Bikes free".

According to the Ordinance on Small Electric Vehicles , driving side by side is also prohibited .

It is important to observe the traffic rules: You should make sure that you use the cycle traffic areas and ride the e-scooters one behind the other . Driving under the influence of alcohol is also punishable.

The same alcohol limits apply to e-scooters as to drivers, i.e. a 0.5 per thousand limit.

However, if you are clearly no longer able to drive safely at 0.3 per mille, this will also be prosecuted.

There is no special catalog of buses for e-scooters. If you behave in violation of the law in road traffic , the general fine regulation applies. Important! If you manipulate your device in such a way that your device no longer meets the approval requirements , you must expect a prosecution . Please also be aware that in this case insurance would not pay for possible damage.

E-scooter parking is subject to bicycle parking regulations . You can therefore park the e-scooter where it does not endanger pedestrians or wheelchair users.

In general, public transport providers allow collapsible e-scooters to be taken along as hand luggage free of charge .

yes . Our e-scooters have an IP ( International Protection) degree of protection of X6 . As a result, your e-scooter is protected against strong jets of water .

Yes , if this is not possible, for example because the wheel is blocked, the e-scooter is defective .


You can find the average ranges of your e-scooter depending on the model and series here in our respective product descriptions.

The ranges vary depending on the weight of the driver , the average speed , incline and the current battery level, the outside temperature and the tire air pressure .

The maximum weight of the payload varies depending on the model. You can find out how much payload is permitted per e-scooter in the respective product descriptions.

The charging time of your battery depends on the model you bought and its battery size. Your battery is fully charged when the indicator light on your charger turns green.

The current software is already installed on the e-scooters.

Yes , the VMAX Connect app is available for IOS and Android. To do this, click on the respective link.



To establish a Bluetooth connection with your e-scooter, please install the VMAX Connect app as the first step. A switched-on e-scooter can then be found using the search function in the app. This is listed under the names ZYD... or ZHD or HW.

If no device is displayed that corresponds to the abbreviation described above or a similar one, please delete and reinstall the app.

If this also does not lead to a solution, the plug connection on the e-scooter must be reconnected. To do this, the four screws on the handlebar rod must be loosened again and the plug connection between disconnected and connected. Please note that your e-scooter is disconnected from the power supply and that there is no voltage.

Depending on the weight and tire type of your e-scooter , we recommend a tire pressure between 2.5 - 3.5 bar . You can find the recommended tire pressure in the owner's manual.

No. E-scooters intended for use on German roads are imported separately for the German market and must be purchased from our German online shop . The e-scooters purchased in Switzerland are automatically approved for road use in Switzerland (except for our Race series items R55 Pro and R40 Pro).


The guarantee period is 24 months. VMAX Global AG guarantees a 24-month guarantee on a purchased product, starting from the invoice date. Excluded from the guarantee are consumables resp. wear parts. Consumables are defined as those components and accessories of the device that wear out with use. This includes the battery, tire pads, chargers, brakes, etc.
However, if you have received a defective product or defective components, please use our contact form. There we will discuss how to proceed.

No , working on electrical components or other sensitive parts of the e-scooter without our consent will void the manufacturer's warranty.

Installing a different firmware also counts as manipulation/modification of the e-scooter and voids the manufacturer's warranty. In this case, the electronics would have to be replaced at your own expense.

  • The first point of contact is the site or the seller from whom you purchased the product . If it is a technical-related return at VMAX, we ask you to contact us using the contact form .

Unfortunately, we are unable to provide an updateable repair status at this time. However, after receipt of your repair request , you will definitely receive an answer from our service center within 24-48 hours.

No. In the event of cancellation, the goods must be returned to us in a salable condition.

Any signs of use or damage to the product mean that the goods are no longer classified as new goods and are therefore no longer salable.

In this case, the customer is generally obliged to compensate the retailer for this loss in value.


There are no shipping costs for orders over CHF 100. Unfortunately, you have to expect shipping costs up to CHF 99.90. Please see the respective shipping costs at checkout, as these are calculated automatically.

The goods are shipped with DHL Express .


Purchase on account with partial payment option (POWERPAY) MF Group / POWERPAY, as an external payment service provider, offers the payment method “Purchase on account”. With the individual invoice you can easily pay for your online purchase by invoice. If you decide not to pay within the specified time frame, you will subsequently receive a monthly invoice with an order overview in the following month. When the purchase contract is concluded, POWERPAY takes over the resulting invoice claim and handles the corresponding payment modalities. Please note that we will first check whether you are suitable for the partial payment option. Unfortunately, we cannot influence whether you will be accepted.