TCS E-Scooter Test 2023 - VMAX VX2 PRO test winner

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Finally the time has come! The legendary TCS e-scooter test is online. We are extremely happy to present this year's test winner. A lot of work, an open ear for customers, constant improvement and one thing above all, continuity! For 5 years now, the VMAX brand has set itself the goal of producing high-performance and high-quality e-scooters. We are extremely proud of the result and happy about the confirmation that we have taken the right path.

The video is available in three languages:
and the entire test report can be found here: Link

The following points were particularly appreciated:

Very powerful engine

Great coverage

Best splash water protection

130 kg payload

Best energy efficiency

turn signals and brake lights

cruise control

VX2 PRO - TCS test winner e-scooter 2023