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Your VMAX is your Swiss army knife for your mobility - no matter what the occasion.

In cities there is always a place where you can get to your VMAX faster and with less stress. With an e- scooter you move independently of public transport and do not have to resort to expensive sharing offers .

But even in rural areas, a VMAX is a board in your everyday life, because public transport or flexible rental offers for your way from A to B are not available there as you would like.

Simple solution: grab the VMAX and off you go.

VMAX & public transport

You don't like standing in the stench of a horde of people in the subway or bus? We understand. Ditch the public transport and jump on your VMAX. Most of the time, you not only get to your destination faster, but you also need fresh air.  

Or the public transport throws you out at a point where you have not yet reached your destination. Again, your VMAX is the solution. Folded up, you can easily take it with you on the bus or train. Then you use full power to cover the last mile to your destination.  


By the way, your dog will also be happy about your VMAX. Does your four-legged friend prefer to walk himself than to be chauffeured in a backpack or handbag, but you are annoyed by the constant walking for miles: Challenge your dog! Take your VMAX and see who runs out of breath first - your Wautzi or the powerful VMAX battery.  

No disrespect for your dog. We say: Your VMAX has the staying power!



Are you a nature person and love camping trips? Just leave your mobile home in the most beautiful place of your choice and check out the area flexibly. VMAX first in the trunk, then under your feet and you'll see more of your vacation spot than was ever possible before. In the countryside you see more nature with your VMAX, in cities you are mobile where others walk flat on their feet for miles.  

Sounds good? We think so too!  


And otherwise?

A quick trip to the supermarket, to the gym, for a drink at the beach bar or just enjoying the sun while cruising? Everything is easier and more casual with your VMAX. It is also your constant companion in everyday life and makes movement an absolute lifestyle.  

But now stop reading here. Grab the Swiss among the e-scooters.  

And if you don't have one yet, you should urgently think about buying one. We already know: you'll be into it soon... :)

Your VMAX team