Wie viel Gewicht kann Dein E-Scooter tragen?

How much weight can your e-scooter carry?

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The load capacity of VMAX models is between 100 - 150 kilograms. But many are wondering: is there more to it than that? What if I have a heavy backpack with me or spontaneously made a few purchases? In this article you will find out how maximum the maximum weight really is.

As the manufacturer, we state the maximum payload in kilograms in our operating instructions. You can therefore load your scooter with that much weight. Don't forget that your clothes and luggage make you a little heavier. Please keep in mind that there can always be restrictions with a maximum payload.

Increased wear

In some forums on the subject of e-mobility, you can read that e-scooters work perfectly even though the driver exceeds the maximum weight. This may be the case with some models. However, the extra weight affects the life of the vehicle as it is not designed to withstand this load. Considerable damage to components such as axles, brake discs or tires is possible over a longer period of time.

Extended braking distances

If the weight is too high, dynamic driving is made more difficult. Because the more weight, the longer the braking distances. For you, this means less safety when driving and a delayed reaction. In addition, the brakes are more heavily loaded, which results in faster wear of the e-scooter. Please also note that it can lead to problems with insurance issues, for example, if the manufacturer's information has not been observed.

Less power - less range

More load means more power required. If the maximum power is exceeded, your scooter may not reach the top speed at all or only slowly. This makes it more difficult to overcome gradients and the range of the e-scooter is also reduced and no longer corresponds to the manufacturer's official information.


Of course, the specifications of the models are values ​​that the manufacturers can certainly comply with. Nevertheless, the margin we have calculated between safety and the effective limit should not be exploited. Because additional kilos that can accumulate through clothing and luggage should not be underestimated.